Top five restaurants in Dhaka city.

1. The Green Lounge– The Green Lounge Buffet Restaurant is on of the  top five restaurant in Dhaka city, located in Rupayan Trade Center, Bangla Motor, Dhaka.  This buffet restaurant is decorated indoors and outdoors in a natural environment.  There are artificial springs here, if you want to eat and drink in a natural setting, you must come to Green Lunch Restaurant.

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2. Birds eyes rooftop restaurant-it is located on the 18th, 19th, and 20th floors of Baitul View Tower in Old Paltan.  This restaurant has beautiful indoor-outdoor seating and a convention center.  Sitting here you can enjoy the unique beauty of the entire Gulistan including Bangabandhu Stadium.  You can have dinner with your family in its natural beauty. It is also on of the top five restaurants in Dhaka city. "<br

3. Eden cafe-Eden Cafe is located at House No-1, 56/61, Gulshan-2.  If you are a selfie lover then this restaurant is for you.  You’ll be mesmerized by its indoor-outdoor beauty, along with its delicious cuisine.  It is the ultimate place for the youth of this generation.

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4. Adda multi-Cuisine Restaurant-It is situated at Road No-4, House No-8, Dhanmondi.  It is arranged in a unique natural environment within brick-stone walls.  The delicious food and unique ambiance here will impress you and your loved ones.  This restaurant is entirely green."<br

5. Cielo-rooftop cafe– It is located at Borak Unit Height, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue.  It is basically a rooftop coffee shop.  It is located under the open sky on the 18th floor.  You can enjoy the unique sunset of Dhaka while drinking coffee in the unique beauty of the blue sky.  It also has an aquarium at its other site.  You can sit in the water and have a candlelight dinner.It is also on of the Top five restaurants in Dhaka city.

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