Five exceptional restaurants in Sylhet

Well, if that happened and you have a ghost sitting next to you, or sitting in jail, you are begging for food.  Or how about your favorite movie hero sitting next to you?  In today’s content, I will talk about five exceptional restaurants in Sylhet.

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The Haunted House, Kazitula, Sylhet – This one-of-a-kind haunted restaurant is located in Kazitula, Sylhet.  Here you will be served food in a ghostly atmosphere, and dine with your loved ones in a different atmosphere of fear, a ghostly atmosphere all around.  This is one of the five exceptional Restaurants in Sylhet for its different activities. How do you think the atmosphere will be like the impression of the skeleton, the addiction of revenge, the picture of the dense garden, and the loneliness of the house?
Cine Vibe Restaurant Bahrutkana, Sylhet -This is also one of the five exceptional Restaurants in Sylhet, for its different environment. When you enter this restaurant, you will see water-printed pictures of the country’s classic films.  Also listen to timeless film dialogues, which will give you a taste of natural love for your loved ones.  If it happens like this “you will see that face in the mirror when the black tip of the forehead will fall into the eyes” what will the environment be like?  If you come to Bangladesh from a foreign country, then you will know about the timeless hero and heroine of Bengali cinema.
Kharghar Restaurant, Chowhatta Point Sylhet-Let’s know about the prison restaurant.  Here you will also hear some songs about those who have spent their lives in prison struggling to get back to their loved ones.  The local cuisine of the restaurant here will impress you.  How is the life of those who have enjoyed eating food?  You will see the dialogues of some timeless movies about prison written in the indoor decoration. For this different Uncommon environment, this is one of the five restaurants in Sylhet. Each table is decorated like a prison, with big locks, big chains, and handcuffs to give you a different feel.
Kaji Asparagus Food island, East Zindabajar, Sylhet– You can bring the small children of the family to eat at kaji Asparagus Food Island.  Children’s play facilities are here.  The wonderful decoration will fill your soul.  Cafe, ice cream, and soft drinks here will relieve your fatigue.  If you want to eat in an aristocratic atmosphere then this is the place to come.  Delicious local and foreign food will fill you with taste.
You can bring your loved ones…  The most attractive thing is the flower decoration here.  The fragrance of various native and foreign fragrant flowers will create a pleasant atmosphere.  If you want to relieve long-term fatigue, this restaurant is for you.

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