Mango Cultivation

Hello everyone welcome to my new content.  In today’s content, I will tell you how to do mango cultivation perfectly, And what kind of plants to choose for gardening, care, and maintenance.  So let’s beginning. Mango is a delicious fruit like no other in the world.  There is no person in the world who does not like to eat mango as a fruit.  If you send some mangoes as a birthday gift to your loved one, he will surely be amazed. Mango cultivation is growing in different countries of the world.  A lot of mangoes are being cultivated in China, India, Bangladesh, America, Thailand, and Malaysia.  I have divided today’s content into several steps.  stay with me.
First of all, we will know what steps to take for commercial gardening for Mango Cultivation – To prepare the land, we will definitely select open sunny loamy soil.  loamy soil is one of the most suitable for all types of agriculture.  It should be cultivated well with a garden tiller.  Then holes should be made for the planting of the mother plant.  For planting the mother plant, the soil hole must be 1 meter wide and 1 meter long.Then five kg of fertilizer per hole should be mixed with the soil.  Then the pit should be covered with polythene as a result the rainwater does not enter the pit.  The number of chemical fertilizers for Plant will be-
Fertilizer Name -Quantity /Plant

Cow Dung -5 kg
TSP- 50 gm
Potassium -50 gm
Calcium -50 gm
Boron-20 gm
Zink-20 gm
Sulfur-20 gm

After putting the mixed fertilizers in the hole of the tree, it is opened every five days and turned upside down with the soil five times in 25 days.  It is very important for Mango cultivation. As a result, the Chemical fertilizer is mixed with the soil, as result, the mother Plant doesn’t face any reaction. After twenty-five days the plant will be seeded.
The most important thing is to choose the best plants for the Mango Garden.  A must-have good nursery collection for the selection of seedlings.  Grafting is a must on the lower sight of the root. Select the branching Mother plant.  Height should be a minimum of 2.5 feet to 3 feet.  After collection of the plant, it must be kept in the selected land for seven days for weather adjustment.  Then the plant should be planted.  The best time to plant is the rainy season.
Fertilizer should be applied twice every year after planting the plant.  It is best to harvest the fruit after 2 years of planting.্This strategy is most effective in Mango Cultivation. Must keep monitoring the plants, and keep them disease free.
Now we will discuss what care we need to take for commercial Mango cultivation…In the Asian continent, Mangoes mainly bloom in February.  If perfect care is not taken before and after budding, the yield of Mangoes is not good.  The weather is constantly changing, due to which various diseases are increasing equally.  Extra care should be taken for this. In the following chart, I am giving some solutions which will help to grow commercially good mangoes…
Time of Spray Name of medicine and Quantity
20 days before budding imidacloprid 20 SL
The size of a Buds as like a finger same to 1-(1ml+1gm)+Carbondazim-1ml
 mangoes size as like nose pin same to 1-(1ml+1gm)+Carbondazim-1ml
mangoes Size as like penut Abamectin bezoyet-1gm+imidacloropid 20sl-0.5ml+Carbondazim-1ml
mangoes size as like ping pong ball Cyphermetherin 2ml+ Boron -1ml+(PGR)-2ml+Carbondazim-1ml-3times
After rainfall(Must)  Cyphermetherin+Emidacloropid mix -2ml+ Mancozeb-2gm.


Irrigation Management- Watering in the plant after budding, and will continue seven days interval.  Irrigation is not necessary if it rains regularly.

Fertilizer Management – ​​Fertilizer management is different for mature trees.  Applying fertilizer twice a year is essential for good Mango cultivation.  The first time after the Rainy season, and the second time after harvesting.  The chart of Fertilizer is here down.  Fertilizer management is one of the keys to good yield.

1. Cowdung- 15kg
7. Sulpher-. 50gm.

For perfect Mango cultivation should maintain those rules-

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Best five restaurants in Doha

Hello, This is Shamim Shaharear welcome to my new content.  Hope you are well inside.  You are aware that the whole world is now swimming in football fever.  And this time, The Greatest Show on earth is going to be held in Qatar, another rich country in the world.  All over Qatar, fans are flocking to enjoy the World Cup from different countries.  So this is my content for all fans and tourists.  Today I will tell you about the best five restaurants in Doha, Qatar, stay tuned.

Doha is one of the most magnificent Cities in the world, and also for its food collection and amazing environment. The Cuisine of this city’s restaurants impresses people from all over the world. The taste of the food of the Restaurant, and the beautiful architectural environment give a different kind of tranquility to tourists from different countries of the world. The Restaurant of Doha offers a wonderful dining atmosphere.  And you can find best five Restaurants in Doha city.

Mix-bar lounge– The restaurant is one of the best five Restaurants in Doha. As a unique Restaurant in Qatar the Mix Bars, Lounge, and terrace offer a different kind of heavenly pleasure here. If you come to this Restaurant in Doha then the drinks made by the mixologist here will give you a special flavor. You will get the world’s best cocktails in this restaurant. The restaurant offers 100% indoor and outdoor facilities. Contains Alcohol, Contains Dairy, Contains Nuts, Contains Shellfish, and Vegetarian Gluten The taste will make the whole trip worthwhile. Other facilities include free wifi wheelchair, car parking, extra security, and excellent hospitality is remarkable.

Market by Jean Georges-This restaurant in Doha is famous for its artistic cuisine.  The extreme craftsmanship in the food cannot be understood without visiting this restaurant. This restaurant will provide you with high-quality food, ambiance, and high-quality accommodation.  Around the World Cup in Qatar, significant additions have been made to the food menu and accommodation. Gene George von Crichton’s cooking will cure your depression. The newly blended waters offer a different flavor, which is one of the world. This restaurant is popular for a number of reasons – unique facilities for business dining, and deliciously fresh food.  “Sushi” here has a completely different taste.

Point-Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and midnight meals are available here.  For those who are on a diet, there is a good system.  The special diet options you will find here are-Vegetarian friendly, Vegans options, Halal, and Gluten-free options. The famous cuisines here are Mediterranean, Sushi, European, Healthy, Neapolitan, and Southern Italian. Besides, some other artistic facilities are here. For this reason, it is one of the best five Restaurants in Doha.

Azraq at Banana IslanThis restaurant is one of the best breakfast places in Doha.  This restaurant in Banana Island is famous for its artistic cuisine.  Here you can find a Middle East Asian buffet and a variety of flavors.  The materials used for serving food here like cutlery, tables, and interior design are all high-class and aristocratic. Azraq has arranged an a la carte section for dinner and lunch for tourists. Another thing Azraq is famous for is its live cooking system.  How they cook, their cleanliness, and everything they uncover. Another thing that tourists enjoy here is the open Skyline. Overall, this restaurant is quite competitive, and one of the best  five restaurants.

Sobai Thai – This restaurant is one of the best five restaurants in Doha.  Its luxurious atmosphere, live cooking, and charming behavior of waiters is very soothing.  This place is always famous among high-class people for Thai cooking.  Tourists from all over the world come here to enjoy exquisite Thai cooking.  The private bar, warm welcome, and variety of cocktails will often impress you.  The atmosphere is set for the World Cup.  Added the world’s best artistic food menu, and different security.

La Spiga by the paper moon – If you are here first, Paper moon will surprise you and give you a message of something new.  The food here will give you a different taste.  Some of the European cuisines will make you want to try them again and again.  The Greatest show on earth “world cup football-22” has a different addition for the tourists.  The world’s top-quality pizza and the world’s best cuisine are here everywhere.  This restaurant is one of the  best five restaurants in Doha for a variety of seafood.  A variety of pizzas, pasta, drinks, sherbets, chicken fries, etc. will provide a different taste and comfort.
Like other restaurants, here you can have a private dinner with your lover. For those huge facilities, this restaurant is one of the best five restaurants in Doha. All in all, all facilities including security, free WiFi, and accommodation are available here.  Thank you all so much for being with me.

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Five exceptional restaurants in Sylhet

Well, if that happened and you have a ghost sitting next to you, or sitting in jail, you are begging for food.  Or how about your favorite movie hero sitting next to you?  In today’s content, I will talk about five exceptional restaurants in Sylhet.

Top five restaurants in Dhaka city

The Haunted House, Kazitula, Sylhet – This one-of-a-kind haunted restaurant is located in Kazitula, Sylhet.  Here you will be served food in a ghostly atmosphere, and dine with your loved ones in a different atmosphere of fear, a ghostly atmosphere all around.  This is one of the five exceptional Restaurants in Sylhet for its different activities. How do you think the atmosphere will be like the impression of the skeleton, the addiction of revenge, the picture of the dense garden, and the loneliness of the house?
Cine Vibe Restaurant Bahrutkana, Sylhet -This is also one of the five exceptional Restaurants in Sylhet, for its different environment. When you enter this restaurant, you will see water-printed pictures of the country’s classic films.  Also listen to timeless film dialogues, which will give you a taste of natural love for your loved ones.  If it happens like this “you will see that face in the mirror when the black tip of the forehead will fall into the eyes” what will the environment be like?  If you come to Bangladesh from a foreign country, then you will know about the timeless hero and heroine of Bengali cinema.
Kharghar Restaurant, Chowhatta Point Sylhet-Let’s know about the prison restaurant.  Here you will also hear some songs about those who have spent their lives in prison struggling to get back to their loved ones.  The local cuisine of the restaurant here will impress you.  How is the life of those who have enjoyed eating food?  You will see the dialogues of some timeless movies about prison written in the indoor decoration. For this different Uncommon environment, this is one of the five restaurants in Sylhet. Each table is decorated like a prison, with big locks, big chains, and handcuffs to give you a different feel.
Kaji Asparagus Food island, East Zindabajar, Sylhet– You can bring the small children of the family to eat at kaji Asparagus Food Island.  Children’s play facilities are here.  The wonderful decoration will fill your soul.  Cafe, ice cream, and soft drinks here will relieve your fatigue.  If you want to eat in an aristocratic atmosphere then this is the place to come.  Delicious local and foreign food will fill you with taste.
You can bring your loved ones…  The most attractive thing is the flower decoration here.  The fragrance of various native and foreign fragrant flowers will create a pleasant atmosphere.  If you want to relieve long-term fatigue, this restaurant is for you.

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Top restaurants in Coxs-bazar

Hi, this is Bangladesh, I hope you are eating and traveling a lot.  Today’s content contains various surprising information about Top restaurants in Coxs-Bazar. Traveling outsiders who are thinking of visiting Cox’s Bazar can solve their food problems from my content…let’s find out…

  1. Grameen restora and biriani houses: If you think about breakfast because the morning meal must be tasty and healthy.  The restaurant is basically a typical Bengali restaurant.  Where breakfast, lunch, and evening snacks everything will remind you of Bengali traditions.  The hit items here are Dalvoona, Chicken Khichuri, and Beef Khichuri.  For this reason, this restaurant is called one of the top restaurants in Coxs-Bazar. The Cows’ roast liver, Roast Beef, and Tandoori Rotis will surely brighten up your morning.  In the morning you will notice the crowd of tourists.  Tourists also get home delivery from here.
  2. Shawarma king restaurant– When you are extremely hungry and tired after enjoying the natural beauty of Cox’s Bazar all day, then you definitely need a good meal at noon…the restaurant I will talk about for lunch is definitely famous for its Pizza Charmin.  This special Shawarmama king restaurant is for those of you who come to Cox’s Bazar and don’t want to eat rice or fish but want to taste something different for the urban foot habit.  The interior of this restaurant located on the main road of Cox’s Bazar is very aristocratic cafe-type. Several mocktails are very popular among tourists.  The interior decoration here is of a high level.  Fried rice, fried chicken, vegetable, salad, Thai soup, Anthon, drinks, the whole set menu price is only half-hundred.  The chicken pasta here will give you a different Italian taste.  Most of the tourist remark this Restaurant as a top restaurant in Coxs-Bazar. Barbeque Pomfret and Chicken Double Curry Cheese Burger are amazing to taste. Great lighting and a charming presentation will make you lively while eating.
  3. Salt-Bristow and cafe–  If you come to Cox’s Bazar and don’t try the seafood, I would say your trip is in vain.  Salt-Bristow and cafe – This restaurant has a truly premium cafe-type interior but is popular with tourists for its seafood.  It’s jury fair for authentic and genuine seafood.  In its interior design, you will find a collection of famous domestic and foreign books, which basically provides the elite class association.  Apart from seafood, tea-coffee and fast food are also available here.  Serving cutlery carries a different kind of royalty.  Red Snapper, Steam Rice, Seabatch and Frond, Soft Vegetables include Cabbage and Lettuce Leaves, Mushroom, and Capsicum.  There are also different flavors of Vietnamese skim roll, coral, and barbecue fish cry here.  This is the only restaurant on the list of foreign tourists.
       Top five restaurants in Dhaka city

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Five exceptional restaurant in Sylhet

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Top five restaurants in Dhaka city.

1. The Green Lounge– The Green Lounge Buffet Restaurant is on of the  top five restaurant in Dhaka city, located in Rupayan Trade Center, Bangla Motor, Dhaka.  This buffet restaurant is decorated indoors and outdoors in a natural environment.  There are artificial springs here, if you want to eat and drink in a natural setting, you must come to Green Lunch Restaurant.

Five exceptional restaurant in Sylhet

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2. Birds eyes rooftop restaurant-it is located on the 18th, 19th, and 20th floors of Baitul View Tower in Old Paltan.  This restaurant has beautiful indoor-outdoor seating and a convention center.  Sitting here you can enjoy the unique beauty of the entire Gulistan including Bangabandhu Stadium.  You can have dinner with your family in its natural beauty. It is also on of the top five restaurants in Dhaka city. "<br

3. Eden cafe-Eden Cafe is located at House No-1, 56/61, Gulshan-2.  If you are a selfie lover then this restaurant is for you.  You’ll be mesmerized by its indoor-outdoor beauty, along with its delicious cuisine.  It is the ultimate place for the youth of this generation.

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4. Adda multi-Cuisine Restaurant-It is situated at Road No-4, House No-8, Dhanmondi.  It is arranged in a unique natural environment within brick-stone walls.  The delicious food and unique ambiance here will impress you and your loved ones.  This restaurant is entirely green."<br

5. Cielo-rooftop cafe– It is located at Borak Unit Height, Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue.  It is basically a rooftop coffee shop.  It is located under the open sky on the 18th floor.  You can enjoy the unique sunset of Dhaka while drinking coffee in the unique beauty of the blue sky.  It also has an aquarium at its other site.  You can sit in the water and have a candlelight dinner.It is also on of the Top five restaurants in Dhaka city.

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How to rank your website on Google by using WordPress.

To rank your website on Google search result


Create content that can rank on Google– To find what are people searching for. Create content for your website –by word press. After finishing the content you add a heading for easy to read. Then you add some images according to your content title. it will help make the content more attractive to  Publish the content.

Make your site looks excellent in Google search result-So first let’s see how our site will be visible on Google search result. How we can make the link to the post look more excellent and attractive? To make the link attractive go to the WordPress dashboard, go to settings and change the permalink from plain to post name, and select save the change.

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Use plugin Yost SEO- To add a description set plugin called Yoast SEO. We will be able to add a short description of my content in the Meta description. And click update. This result will help the reader with the content- how it will look on Google search results.

 Once we have published our content, how will Google know about our content, To help Google find our site and our content, we will share our website details with Google.

 How we can tell Google about our website content? To tell Google about our content, installed a plugin on our WordPress website, called Site kit by Google, this plugin helps us tell Google about our website. Then set up and log in Google account, allow, proceed, again allow, then add the site. Go to my dashboard, and we are looking the Google is connected to our website.

 Tell Google about all the pages of our website. If we have five blog posts on our website, then how can Google know about the post, to inform Google about the post, we need to submit something called a site map.

 A sitemap is a page that has links to all the pages and posts on our site. To submit our sitemap using the SEO plugin. Then go to WordPress and click yost SEO and click features and click questions (XML sitemap) mark and see the XML site map. Submit the sitemap on Google find to help our content easily on Google.

To submit the site map back to the main site map page. And go to WordPress and Google site kit and click search console and click see full states in search console, click sitemap in the page, click add a new sitemap- go to the sitemap page and select sitemap index XML, and paste the link in the box and submit the map.

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Then we know how many people go to our website from the site kit from WordPress.

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